Awesome Voice Recorder PRO AVR Відгуки


Лучший диктофон в AppStore.

Convenient and effective method to record audio

This app is a very easy and effective method to record audio. Good noise reduction and user friendly editing.

One Box Does not work on app

There is no easy way to get file off the phone. Text and email is not supported and it has problems with cloud services.


I love everything about this App. My favorite feature is that I can slow down or speed up the recording.


I make recordings for my website and I’m very particular about the quality! I’d considered expensive equipment, but decided completely unnecessary with this little gem. Thanks!!


Great App works Wonderfull!

Please fix export issues

The sound quality is good, but it seems no matter what sound container you export the file it can never be successfully opened in Audition or Acid or Vegas.. there is always missing meta data or corruption

Very nice app to work with

Sadly I get errors with IOS 11.4 and watch OS 4.3.1, both standard releases. The errors say the app is not updated. On the watch it just acts like a remote for the phone. This does not allow recording to the watch or using the watch microphone. This is acceptable but don’t call it a watch app, call it a watch remote However, on the phone it seems to work ok, after the initial error. This works good and has good quality.

It’s not working

I just paid for this app and it’s not working. It lets me record but it won’t play it back. I would like my money refunded


it's really good and useful application, but why it doesn't have multi select option ? for delete records !?

Excellent overall. Some operations are obscure

Excellent pick up and play back. Good filing system. Shares easily. My one complaint is that the in-app instructions are not clear enough for first time users. I wanted to combine a few files into one longer file and the instructions were not clear on how to do this. Getting to the “combine” screen was difficult. I had to eventually edit the file then trust that the two chain link symbol was actually the control to bring up the “combine” screen referenced in the help file. It was. The help file referenced “combine” but provided no instructions for how to bring it up.


تستطيع بعد تسجيل الصوت قص جزء غير مرغوب فيه وحفظه بعدها بعدة صيغ / التقاط للصوت بصفاء تام / امكانية تبطئ الصوت او تسريعه بعد التسجيل / امكانية وضع قفل برقم سري لملف التسجيلات التي قمت بها / لا يوجد اضافة تأثيرات على الصوت بالتسجيل/ باختصار لا تشتريه اذا كان اغلى من دولار واحد

Avoid this App (update)

Look elsewhere until this app is updated. It looks nice, records well, and allows you to send files out, but you cannot import files! I recently changed phones and found that there is no import function, even for recordings I’d made in the app as recent as last month. Such basic functionality should be included and not overlooked. (Update) After about a month (maybe more), the developer finally emailed me with a VERY BRIEF message, "You can copy files with the iTunes file sharing / WIFI / Open in Thank you." The App claim/statement “Powerful file Sharing & Management” is a big stretch (at best). It should be more clearly labeled that you can EASILY UPLOAD to the listed online services. In order to get files onto your device, you must have those files downloaded onto another device (like a laptop), then turn the functionality on in the settings of the App (HTTP Server), then go to the URL that the App gives you at that time (http://your_iphone_name.local:9090/ and import the files from there. You be the judge, but I hardly call that “Powerful Management” capability. It’s a way to get files to the app library, but it’s convoluted and unnecessarily cumbersome, especially for a “Pro Version” of an application. Why can’t we browse those online storage locations to download the files we want to import? Seriously Dev, we’ve already given “read” and “write” access to those online storage locations to be able to upload files. If fixed, I’d EASILY change my review to 5 stars—the rest of the app is awesome!

You shouldn’t be without it!!

As a newspaper reporter, i have found AVR Pro to be indispensable. Used the free version but paid for the pro version and it was worth every penny. Great sound when recording. If you want ti put it up on your MacBook, just airdrop it. To be able to speed up, slow down, jump ahead or back makes playback extremely easy. Don’t hesitate— buy the pro version today.

Now a solid app

I used to have a problem with the app that has since been corrected, I’ve been using this app for 2yrs approx. a 5-star review would req additional features including 1) batch xfer 2) advanced playback tools incl 2a) resume playback, partial or not played back yet 2b) color code for playback complete 2c) clear all playback colors and positions 2d) larger text and user selectable display (VIEW) date first, time, not default filename with teenie tiny text. Keep it up! Great app. Solid.

lacks intuitive editing tools

while AVRpro is a powerful recording app, the editing tools leave a lot to be desired. It should be easy to delete large quiet portions of a track. The ability to select a start point isn’t balanced with an end point graphic, thus making editing quite tedious. I see the AVR Pro developers are quasi-diligent in fixing portions of the code that cause inconveniences. I hope the tools and/or functions for editing tracks will be simplified. Finally, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the ability to increase the speed of playback by 10% increments. I would gladly raise my rating to 4 or 5 stars if the editing tools were made more intuitive.

Buena app

Es bastante completa. Espero la sigan actualizando


I’m a former National radio entertainment reporter and I currently have a show on air in Arizona. The quality of this app is just superb. I couldn’t be happier. It’s also very easy to transfer...upload, save. I strongly suggest you spend a few bucks to get the Pro version. Highly worth it!

Works well for professional

I make numerous recordings for voiceovers professionally with this app and clients are happy.

It’s good it’s good but stop annoying me with that crap about reviewing your app

Good apps speak for themselves so just chill




Pure nonsense. Can’t even find directions how to save a file or copy one. There is NOTHING user friendly about this app more appropriately titled “crap .” Silly application writing. I’m sorry I fell for the hype!

Sync problems

How to sync the records with another device?

Awesome Recorder!

The best recorder in the App Store !

Top drawer

Couldn't agree more with the laudatory reviews. Works like a charm.

Brilliant 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

As a seasoned professional in production, I find this to be a awesome app for the price. Great use of the platform. Less is more🏆🏆

So far so good.

Good playback control options. UI could be improved.

Superior quality...

By very far...professional level...clarity, distortion free, superior sound levels,and simple to experimental levels of transfer for all to enjoy...the only app. I've used for years. Excellent.


I have used several apps for recording and for therapy. This app works. The developers don’t change it into an incomprehensibly complicates mess. No, they just make it better.

Stopped working can’t edit anymore:/

I bought this because of the ability to edit the recording. It has been a nightmare trying to figure out why it doesn’t work and how to use it. I went to YouTube and found a video about a voice recorder that works way better and I have Switched. This is Definitely not the best choice.

Just perfect.....

I’ve had a lot of recorders over the years and this recorder is unquestionably the best I’ve used. “DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING”l love it.

Excellent app

I use this app to record anything I need to memorize. Then I listen over and over till it sinks in. Great quality recordings. Easy to use. Dec. 23, 2017. Using this app to record my podcast. So far so good.


Great app, love that I can share the recordings so easy. Been using it for years.

The best voice recorder

Excellent features not found in other apps.


Sometimes it works sometimes it don’t

Really like this app – much improved

This App was good before for recording, but was tough to upload and share. They recently added the ability to upload to Google drive, one drive and other services that make this much easier to use and to share. Use the app to make rehearsal recordings for actors and musicians (just rough recording) and it works very well for that.

Waste of time more than money

This app is a pretty unreliable app to work with! Just happened: I was recording when I paused it to have a break. I locked my phone and when I come back after 3 minuets, my unsaved recording was gone! It didn’t save either! Such incident has happened enough for me since I started using this app (1 month ago). I have lost too many other unsaved recordings for example after I paused my recording to switch between apps or receive a call. I know, the developer claims that it can stop and resume recording automatically when one receives a call, but it doesn’t work properly for sure! I’m done. I cannot afford redoing my work anymore! Just Deleted it for good!

Great app, wonderful way to capture voice notes and record sound.

Does well.

Ugly new app icon.

Not updating this for whatever bug fix and a very flat, very bland, ugly looking app icon. Old icon was much better.

The very best recording app is The Pro

Spend a little extra and get the best, and then you won’t have any thing to complain about. Amazing favorite app

Great app

I like that I can depend on this app to get everything I need from a meeting. I don’t need a bunch of features, but it has a few that I never thought of using. Great app.

So far so great.

I find the controls great so far. Very easy and records really clear. I haven’t yet tried to get recordings to other devices for listening. But I think it will be easy given the ease of recording and filing in the app so far. Once I do and if it is easy I would rate this 5 stars

Recorder with the function I want!

I especially like that this recorder plays back on repeat and is easy to use! Also, I had a problem with this recorder, wrote the support and it was fixed the next morning. I would recommend that you get it!

Awesome for the purpose

I have been using different aps for recording purposes and this is the best I have seen up to date.

Optimizing,experimental ,superior functionality

Looking forward to a richer realm of sounds.

Rip off

They don't tell you when you download the free version that you can't play back the recording unless you spend $5 on the "pro" version. I downloaded the "pro" version because I needed this very important meeting recording I had and instead of updating the free version it downloaded a whole other app. The recording I have is still stuck in the free version and I can't move the recording to the paid version and I still can't listen to it on the free version. I'm very unhappy at just getting swindled into paying $5 for something and still not being able to use it. The other reviews on this app must be from their employees. This app is BS!!!

Saved Priceless file

My husband died 4 years ago, and I happened to have one voice recording of him on an app that’s no longer available and doesn’t work on iOS 11. I re-recorded the file to AVR Pro and got a perfect recording. Then to top it off, was able to share the file to my OneDrive account so now it’s available on whatever platform I’m using. Am looking forward to exploring all the uses for this wonderful app?

Awesome App...

Works for me...the repeat feature is the What sold me. Thanks guys!!

Amazing Quality

Although this app claims that its main function is for voice recording, it excels at all recordings in general. The Google Drive link ability is great, and will be very helpful for transferring sounds to my computer. My only complaints were that if I exit the app, it turns off the google drive link, and that finding the option to upgrade to pro was a bit difficult. All in all it's a very good app!

Easy to use and very convenient for me to keep up my audio note


Student recording lectures

Love this app! It is simple and looks great!

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