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Very pleased , just what I was looking for.

Almost Awesome

I have under ~2500 records in native apple app and when I press record button I have to wait 5-7 second until it star to record. AVR start to record quick (I have in it around ~1600 records). Native app saves all tags in iTunes special file, so when you record ~15-20 memos per day its really hard to find the one you need without iTunes because all records in synced folder contain only data & time when it was recorded. No tags in files. AVR save tags in files itself. So its really easy to open files in any player or tag-organizer and find what you need. Bit rate, file format, encode quality, sample rate and etc. works nice cuz records sounds clean. Im musician and I use AVR every day but if its not a problem for your guys could you fix this things: 1. Make available to record when iPhone storage lesser than 100 mb; and battery charge level low. 2. Add more cloud services like Mega, Google Drive, Yandex.Disk and Cloud.Mail (It all give from 10 to 50 GB of free space) so its more comfortable to keep huge size records there than in tiny Dropbox. 3. Add option of selecting (select all) files and folders for sharing/deleting. Its not comfortable to backup records one by one when you need to upload ~300 records without PC. And just a few thoughts about style: 4. Fonts from older versions was better as for me. 5. If you made two theme maybe its worth to make both in monochrome like the first one. I mean the first and only theme was only black/red and white for titles. Its look cool. White version contain the same black start screen and player (without microphone) with blue elements. I think it would be much cooler if you make the star screen/player white with black elements only. There is no room for blue color. Just black and white. But it just my opinion. So if you fix this things (1-3) AVR gonna be as useable as Recordium but a little affordable. P.S. App stores moderator erase my last review because I drop the link to the one Russian cloud but Im not advertising it Im just wanted to have possibility to keep my records there thru AVR.


So far so good. I havent recorded anything yet. Just giving a rating because it wont stop asking for one long enough to see what it can do. Hopefully now that I have rated it I can move on to trying its cool features.

Smart recorder

It is so handy and precise to the granular details

Cant Get Any Better!

Ive needed a simple, intuitive, and reliable method to record my daily tasks. AVR Pro immediately provided a recording tool which enabled me to not only accomplish tasks in a timely manner but more importantly track unfinished tasks. AVR Pro is easily learned, quickly applied, and economically "one heck of a great buy!"

Great app so far

It needs more features: Glances or complications in Apple Watch, sync all recordings to iCloud, Google drive, etc. Auto-pause. Auto-save. Maybe even tell the user how many MB/s will be used upon selecting the audio quality. Other than that I feel its a fantastic app. I hope the app developers deliver more important features.

Easy to use

very useful function well!!!

I love this app

This is the best app ever I really like the ease of use.

Simply The Best

Best of its kind!

Review AVR Pro

Needs more apps. Always goes to default settings 1st. And when attempting to make folders from recordings - glitchy.

Cannot record WAV files

When I try playing a WAV file in Windows 10 recorded in this app, I get an error.


I like it a lot, thanks!:) just... Please add auto-save funtion.

An MP3 recorder that works!

Finally! I was able to record and send files to agents looking for songs! Best app so far, many different formats and excellent sound quality. Easier to use than GarageBand.

Wow! Im impressed.

I just started using this, but its a really nice app! Lots of features, and even has an app for the Apple Watch. I tried recording from my watch and it records louder than I had expected which is a GOOD thing, I wasnt sure how loud the watch would record to be honest. Many features to look at here, and I like that you can speed up or slow down the playback. Got it for 99 cents, what a deal! Thanks for this great app!

Widget is not useful

If we have to unlock iPhone or iPad to begin or to restart recording, it makes no sense to have widget function. To preserve privacy, application should requiring to unlock device to listen to previous recordings only. Contrary to AVR Pro, when we use widget for photo, we dont need to unlock iPhone or iPad neither to snap a photo nor to see the last photo taken.

I could not send my files

I could not send my audio files to Dropbox as this App promised...

Very good

It is a great apps, but it has a serious bug to fix. When i tried to open a mp3 file from imported folder, the system suddenly crashes.

OK..does the job

Not sure what is pro about this app, but it does the job. Could use some more features and streamlining.


いくつか試したレコーディングアプリで音質は最高です。 これでbluetoothマイクが使えると最高です。

Professional-level audio!

Buy this instead of a new microphone! Editing tools are lacking so sent to computer and use Audacity if you want to edit. Totally recommended!

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